28th APRIL to 03rd JUNE

Man, locate yourself! Find yourself in possibilities. Consider your limits, redefine them experimentally. Take a good look at yourself, at the territory that you are, the place that you inhabit, the time in which you (re)occur. Because, happy is the man who lives in the present. Therefore, locate yourself, man! And if you can’t do it now, then take a few time just for you, choose another place, re-establish your frontiers, open them, give them freedom. Come over here. This is an experience of possible emotions, of what attracts and what repels the body, the breath of the body of a living person, of one who withdraws, who rises up and joins the mass with the mass, in the group, of us all, of the crowd, of the self, alone, again. This is a challenge to your choices; and their frontiers will arise wherever, man, wherever you decide to erect them.

Maria Joana Vilela

Ver Teaser